Disposable Gloves (100 pcs)

Disposable Gloves (100 pcs)

Material : LDPE, HDPE
Size : S, M, L
Thickness : 0.007 - 0.023 mm
Printing : Flexographic or Rotogravure
MOQ : 100,000 pcs

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Material: LDPE / HDPE (Plain or Embossed)


Color: Transparent or any pantone color



230mm (W) x 280mm (H) (Size S)

240mm (W) x 290mm (H) (Size M)

260mm (W) x 300mm (H) (Size L)


Bulk packaging of 100 pcs per printed polybag or box.

CPE & Biodegradable and compostable options AVAILABLE

  • COMFORTABLE AND DISPOSABLE: These gloves are comfortable to wear and gentle on skin and are designed to be a one-time use item. Easy to remove, they are ideal for environments where changing gloves frequently is a necessity.
  • FOOD SAFE: These gloves are made from low density polyethylene. They are safe to use in the preparation and handling of food items in restaurants, cafeterias, and more. Ensure customer and staff safety by using food safe gloves and other safety attire.
  • LATEX-FREE: As a latex free product, poly gloves can be worn by people with latex allergies. They are made of thin plastic.
  • INCREASED DEXTERITY: With a ambidexdure design, these poly gloves offer greater dexterity in both hands. This allows the wearer to move more freely and perform tasks with ease.
  • FOOD PREPARATION AND PROCESSING! These gloves are perfect to use when preparing salads, sandwiches, slicing deli meats, and more. Ideal for use in restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and any other food prep location.


Manufactured by an ISO Certified Factory.


Customisable printing of your design with up to 10 colors.

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